Managing for Today and Tomorrow

Creating a transition plan to make sure a farm continues as a productive, agricultural business can be challenging. Farm women can play a key role in planning successful farm transitions. In this course women will develop these skills as well as develop networks.

Managing for Today and Tomorrow is divided into the following planning areas:

  • Succession Planning -Transferring knowledge, skills, labor, management, control and ownership between generations.
  • Business Planning – Developing goals, strategies and actions that form a road map to business growth.
  • Estate Planning – Managing an individual’s asset base in one’s lifetime, at death or after death.
  • Retirement Planning – Designing an enjoyable and productive time in life.

Certified facilitators and local professionals will teach the sessions on business, estate, retirement and succession planning. Besides brief presentations, there will be discussions based on participant questions and follow-up activities for family members to complete at home.


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