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“The class was beyond my expectations and I think there needs to be a way to market it to a broader base of women. The young gals are so lucky to have the resources that ISU provides to them and I am sure there are tons of women out there that do not know this type of education exists. Wish I would have had something like this 46 years ago.” – Shirley Teske
“This is an awesome PROJECT. Shirley Teske and I agreed that we wish this kind of class had been available to us a long time ago. Women in agriculture really need this info. It was good to see that the younger ones in there were already more knowledgeable. Times have changed many things. The computer just got to our house probably 10 years ago.” – Mary Balvanz
“I own a farm and cash lease the farm ground and the pasture land out. I live in Arizona and come back every spring.
I try to take a class each year so I can keep up on what is happening in the agriculture world. My daughter, who lives in Oskaloosa
and kind of looks over the farm, tries to take classes also.” – Jean Groen
“My husband and I have a new turkey farm in Central Iowa. As a new farmer, I wanted to participate in Annie’s Project to learn about farm finance and record keeping. The most valuable part of the class for me was learning how to do cash flows and balance sheets, and planning for the future. I would recommend this class to anyone in any phase of their farm ‘career.’ There was information for everybody!” – Katie Olthoff


Linda “My husband and I are in the process of assuming operational responsibilities for my family farm from my parents. Although my husband has farmed for more than 20 years, I have always worked off the farm. I am taking some of the responsibility in this new operation so I need to learn all the basics! Annie’s Project provided extensive information and resources on a wide variety of basic ag-related topics. I really appreciate having some basic knowledge and tips on where to learn more.” – Linda Guy
Linda P“I am a landowner and cash rent my land. My friend wanted to learn more about farming so I mentioned Annie’s Project that I saw in the community college flyer in January. I realized I needed to learn more about farming after totaling the columns in my 84 year old mother’s farm book at the end of 2009. My son is interested in farming and I wanted to learn more about the feasibility of that. I have found Annie’s Project to be very helpful. I learned about crop insurance, sealing grain, input costs, share crop leases, balance sheets, life insurance needs, Beginning Farmer loans, grain bin loans, accounting software, special use valuation, inheritance tax, Ag Decision Maker and many valuable web sites.” – Linda Pierson


Linda F“We have a grain and livestock operation. I took the class to gain a better understanding about agribusiness and how financial decisions impact our farm operation. I have found Annie’s Project helpful. I have a better understanding of balance sheets and the futures market. I feel this class has improved communication with my spouse on concerns he works with on a daily basis.” – Linda Frazer

Carrie“My husband and I have moved back to the acreage I grew up on, and we plan on purchasing it from my parents. Currently we are assisting my father with his farming operation in various capacities. My father hopes to someday ‘retire’ from farming, until then we are learning the ropes. I can always learn more. I grew up on the family farm for 21 years, but today’s way of farming is much different. As my father would say ‘It’s a sophisticated business.’ I needed to learn more so I could be an effective member of a team in the areas of marketing and finances. I have learned about the future of farming and have been given a variety of tools that will help my father currently, and my husband farm in the future.” – Carrie Kube


Yvonne“I was born a farm girl, and currently live on a farm that has been in my family’s possession for almost a century. The love of the land is in my blood on both sides of my family. Currently a row crop farm, I hope to transition production to organic fruits, vegetables and flowers; and to perhaps even become an agri-tourism destination! With my father’s recent death, while waiting for the estate to be settled, (and I am not very good at waiting!), I decided to do all I could to prepare myself to make the best use of whatever land I will receive. I felt by taking Annie’s Project training, it was one way to make myself more knowledgeable, as to prepare for managing the farm on my own. Annie’s Project has been a wonderful source of information – teaching me where I could find sources for information such as land values, CSRs, and lending rates, etc. Although this training has also made me acutely aware of how much I don’t know, I feel it has definitely given me a firm foundation on which to continue my quest for knowledge. I would recommend this training to anyone – the information on recordkeeping and marketing alone was worth the cost of the course.” – Yvonne Nilles

“Annie’s Project is dear to our hearts, it’s held special meaning, right from the start.
We’ve learned so much—you will never know, how you’ve broadened our vision and helped us grow.
As women in farming, we’ve done what we are told, that tradition is changing—it has gotten old.
We have the resources to help lead the way, knowledge is power—now we have a say.
Farm women together, united and strong, networking information to help each other along.
For the good of our families, our farms and our friends, we will always keep trying with faith that won’t end.
So for all our effort, and all that you’ve done, we’ve loved every minute and we all had fun.”
Mrs. Terry Tribbett, Denton Maryland, Annie’s Class Participant


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